I’m back…

Wait, what’s this? New content? Hahaha… patorjk.com is back my friends and it feels good to see it up again.

I’ve finally realized what I want this site to be: Open source software! For the past 4 years I’ve struggled with the direction that I want this site to go in, and all this time in was right in front of me. Screw programming examples!* Screw online games! Screw trying to make money off software! There may be some online game stuff / tools, but the key will be open source stuff. Tools that people can use.

In the past few years I’ve also changed in the way I feel about code I write. When I was younger, it was something special, and I always liked to have some credit. Not anymore. Who cares! If I post something up, I’ll probably say you can incorporate it into your own software without me caring. If you don’t get it here, there’s probably another 100 places on the web you could get it anyway.

On another note, my hard drive has crashed 2 times in the past 2 years, and I didn’t have a back up of the site (though I think I have a back up of my API Spy somewhere, which I’ll try and post up since I’m aware it’s my most popular program). However, other than that, this site will be totally from scratch.

Not sure what direction I’ll take the freeware in, only time will tell. Outside of this site, I’m working with some of my old grad school buddies on some other sites (that will have a goal of making money). If these get off the ground, I may post links to them so you can check them out. However, they might go no where, or end up lame, so I may not post info on them.

If you need to contact me, do it with gmail. You can probably guess my email address from that info :).

UPDATE: Ok, while looking through my backup disks I found a copy of my spy:


* Who am I kidding? There will programming examples…

4 thoughts on “I’m back…”

  1. I am glad to see your site back up and running, my life as well has changed over the past, oh, decade, and I have followed your site off and on throughout the past 6 or so years now.

    I actually was looking for the colorspy for some web design help. shame its not here, heh.

    LOVE the new design. much better, cleaner. less is more, as they say. I will be checking this site out fairly often to see what your up to these days, and what new things will crop up.

    glad you found a direction that works for you =D


  2. Hey, Pat. I’ve used your API Spy now for the past 6 years that I’ve been online and I think it’s the best and most useful programming tool out there. I mostly use your program to get color codes in Visual Basic and for my HTML sites.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re back up and running. I’ll keep checking back to see what’s new on your site and see if you have anymore programs that I’d find useful for programming. B-)

    — Anarki

  3. Great to see your website back up. I too was drawn into the AOL prog scene about 1998, it’s a weird world to start programming in. But you kind of learn how to do pretty much everything there is to know.

    Back in 2001 I created a program named Shock.p3. I used your API Spy to find out class names and the general markup of the dialog. It’s a great help to find out why things aren’t working or what you need to look for. Back now to 2007 I’m releasing Shock 3, and I’m still using you’re program as this post is being written.

    If you’re really interested in putting up coding examples, I can write some very nice vb.net/c# examples for various things.

    Nice to see you back,
    -Allen / Pio

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