Spot Lighted Site

So back in the olden days, I’d have a “Spot Lighted Site”. It’d usually be once a month, and usually it’d be the site of someone who had correctly answered a riddle or puzzle I had posted up. For now, I’ll do away with the riddle and puzzle and just post up sites or articles I think are cool. I’ll try and do this once a week on Sunday (before making this post, I rounded up 10 possible candidates for future Spot Lighted Sites). This way, if for some reason I’m slow on content, at least I’ll be featuring other sites that are cool.

The first Spot Lighted Site of the new era is a site by Google:

As you can see, they’re featuring a new product. I encourage you to click the “Getting Started” button and to read what they have to say. Thanks to my buddy Kevin for the link.

Oh, and before I forget – special thanks to Awesome Andrew and Mark Z. for sending me my API Spy add-ons. I’ve re-uploaded them.