Spot Lighted Site 04/08/2007

My friend and former roommate Ben H. was telling me about this flash game he was playing where you had “5 minutes to kill yourself”. It sounded kind of bizarre, but turned out to be pretty fun. You can play it along with a whole bunch of other cool flash games here:

Watch out though, because that site is great at eating up your free time.

Also, in other news, I’m about 30% done with a new program I’m going to be putting up on the site. It’s being written in Javascript and PHP, so it’ll be an online app. It’ll mostly be for entertainment and wont be anything breakthrough. It should be pretty cool though. Tomorrow (well, really later today) I’m seeing Lily Allen in concert, so I wont have anymore time to work on it this weekend. My guess is that I’ll have it out in 2 weeks.