All I have to say is that Mark Z. is the f’ing man!! I would have never thought to look there for my old site. I had no idea they archived images! I know this may sound bad, but when I found out my old host deleted my account (shortly after my hard drive crashed) the only thing I was really sad about was that I didn’t back up the scans some German lady sent me of the feature my Mosaicer program got in a German magazine. Everything else I felt could be rebuilt – and probably should be rebuilt. But the scans actually meant something to me. It just completely blew my mind when I started getting emails from Germans asking about my software, and then finally someone emails me the scans. Anyway, you can see the scans here:

I’ve also saved a few other things off the site, but mostly just for reference or for modification. Like I said before, I’m going to try and create a slightly different site.

Oddly enough the only 3 programs they archived were IMapper Studios, my API Spy, and Mosaicer 2.0. I wonder if this means that those were my 3 most popular programs? They also archived my Snake game, you can play it here:

I actually lost the source to all my Flash stuff on my first hard drive crash (I’ve had 3 crashes in the past 3 years, all hardware related – 2 on my PC and one was on my laptop). Lessons have been learned though. I now back stuff up routinely. Probably a good habit for everyone. Snake is a great game though. I’ve been toying with the idea of making another one, except this time in Java.

Other interestingly high lights:

/pat_bush1.gif – Infamous Pat/Bush pic. Note: This is not a political pic. I just thought it looked freaky.

Lastly, I had someone request my color spy so I’ll try and whip one up by the end of the week (or check my backup disks, I have a feeling that I backed that program up). If you have any suggestions for the site, let me know. I can’t promise anything, since I work 40 hours and do stuff outside of this site, but I’ll keep it in mind.

5 thoughts on “Archived”

  1. I thought I sent you the Color Spy. By the way do you know how I can install Visual Basic 6 on Vista? Visual Studio doesn’t work, but supposedly VB by itself does.

  2. Nope, you sent me the vb programming example I made. I can easily and quickly make a new Color Spy out of that though. I think that was the 1.0 version of my Color Spy. I ended up releasing 3 versions total.

    Sorry, can’t help you with any Vista stuff. It may be a while before I look into it. Windows XP has everything I need at the moment (plus I’ve been thinking of installing ubuntu again). Though I may change my mind in the future if Vista somehow really impresses me.

  3. I have your Color Spy 3.0! and I LOVE IT! Do you want it back? Email me & I’ll send it to you 🙂

  4. Just a note to warn you that I have added your program to the listing at -wikipedia- under the category:



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