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A discussion within the comments of one of my previous posts got me thinking about the past and how this site used to host a lot of neat programming examples. When I restarted the site last year one of my aims was to reinvent the site and to stay away from being an example depot. However, some of the examples I used to host weren’t available elsewhere and people did put a lot of effort into what they sent me. Not only that, the examples did seem to help people out.

When I made a post complaining about how all of my files were deleted, someone sent me a zip of all the programming examples they had downloaded from my site. The person had apparently made the zip one summer when they had decided to teach themselves how to program. The person told me they weren’t going to have net access during that summer so they had gone through my site and grabbed up all of the examples they thought would be useful.

Apparently they learned a decent amount and had archived some of them on their computer for future reference. I thought this was a pretty cool story, though since I was still in my “no old stuff” mind set, I didn’t post up the examples. However, thinking back about the VB Contest and Craig Jr, I decided it was worth putting up an archive of the old examples. I’ve re-created the old example page with everything listed, though some of the files are still missing. What’s available for download either comes from the zip I was sent or from You can view the new example archive here:

Visual Basic 6.0 Example Archive

If anyone has any of the examples that are currently labeled “Missing” please let me know.


I’ve made my decision. There will be forums on this site, and soon. For now, give me around a week or two to get things set up – I want to iron out the details and play around with the forum software I have.

I know only a hand full of you said you’d be up for it, but there’s definitely a decent amount of passer byers / lurkers coming to this site, if interesting discussion cropped up I’m sure people would join in.

Also, thanks to everyone who replied in that thread.

Small Updates

  • The About page was updated.
  • The Ad format was changed for the blog. I figured the footer of each blog post would be a good place to stick them. I read up a little on inserting them inside of the actual blog post content, but that almost always annoys me when I see it so I went with the footer option.

Things Coming Soon

I’m working on a number of things but due to time issues everything seems to be taking forever. However, I hope to have TAAG and Image Color Palette Generator updates out soon.

4 thoughts on “Visual Basic 6.0 Example Archive”

  1. Nothing like a little old school. Pity someone didn’t archive KnK. That place was massive in it’s day. A pal I know as MS sent me the entire VBPJ archive for “safe keeping” We toyed around with the idea of releasing it on a P2P network since the content is no longer available online. It’s a huge file, over 650 MB. You want to talk about a serious collection of VB examples and history. That would be it. I might be willing to share…keeping in the spirit of “safe keeping”.

  2. (link now defunct) archived all of the old examples from the KnK site. Up until about a month ago, they were all still available for download.

    Back in the day there was some kind of hand off where Bill (the owner of KnK) said Darc would be his official successor. Then I think KnK went to being about knives and then it disappeared.

    I think it would have been smart if Darc had bought and from Bill when the hand off was taking place. KnK was the place to go for AOL development. Having it suddenly change it content and then disappear seemed like an odd way for it to go out.

    What’s the VBPJ? That name doesn’t seem to ring a bell.

  3. VBPJ is Visual Basic Programmers Journal, or was rather. All the content from that publication used to be available online at what is now Visual Studio Magazine, but they dumped it for some unexplained reason. The VB Classic community is petitioning to have it put back up.

  4. Probably so they could push the .NET stuff and encourage people not to stay with VB6. Though there still appears to be a decent sized VB6 community out there. Btw, that new website of your’s looks nice.

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