A Round Up Of Updates

Listed below are some small updates that have happened over the last week.

  • The Color Fader now has a neat fade-in/fade-out interface. I figured this was more intuitive than telling the user to scroll down every time they hit the “generate” button.
  • The Keyboard Layout Analyzer now has information explaining what it is and contains a handy chart mapping fingers to keys.
  • I helped out Franz Tarr on a neat little VB app that lets you set the transparency of windows. It’s pretty simple and comes with its source code. I only helped out and didn’t write the app. Since Franz seemed like a cool guy I told him I’d mention his program in my next site update.

Somehow I felt like I did a little more than that, but that’s all that’s coming to mind right now. New stuff is being worked on, however, I’m not sure when it’ll be ready to be posted up.

2 thoughts on “A Round Up Of Updates”

  1. Cool man, I didn’t even realized you gave me a shout out on here! Yeah man, that program ended up being pretty useful. Thanks for the help!

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