Monk-E-God, one of the most prominent figures from the AOL add-on programming scene of the late 90’s, has died.

Initially someone emailed me about “Tom” dying and I had no idea who they were talking about. I’m really bad with names so I always feel a little bad when someone from that era emails me. However, I remembered the “moorpark” location they mentioned and a discussion about it at – and that’s when it hit me that they were talking about Monk-E-God. I remember talking with him at what I think was knk’s old forums (and possibly later GPX’s forums, though I can’t remember if he was a member of that forum) and checking out his work at knk’s website.

I wasn’t really close to the guy, but I remember him as being one of the best programmers from those days. He was one of those people who’s reputation preceded them, it’s really sad to hear he’s gone. Thinking about that era brings back a lot of memories. If it wasn’t for that community and those days on AOL, I wouldn’t have become the programmer I am today.

There’s some more information about him at the forums, including a neat story about him meeting the Olsen Twins.

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  1. Very excellent of you Jay, as always. One of my old prog making partners told me about it and I linked it to Syber (he had known about it for a little bit beforehand). Apparently our buddy Ozzy is a friend of the family, so I’d like to offer my condolences to Tom’s family and friends. If the story is true (him committing suicide), I know all too well of these tragedies. I’ve had an uncle, two cousins, and 2 friends commit suicide. I’ve actually tried myself (I failed, causing further depression) but I’ve grown a lot since then.

    I just hope people remember him (at bare minimum anyway) for his incredible coding ability, his files, his sense of humor, and just being a cool guy. I was never very close to him, but we used to chat from time to time back on aol. All I can finish this ridiculously long comment with is this: times are crazy right now, just hold on man.

  2. I don’t really have much to say, but I thought I’d say that I like the splash page, it is a nice gesture.

    I’ve never known anyone who committed suicide, but I’ve known a couple of people who’ve lost almost everything to depression. Holding on is good advice, as long as there’s life, there’s hope.

  3. Wow…that’s all I have to say about that. I’m in the same boat as Pat, weren’t really buddy-buddy, but were acquainted through the scene back in the day.

    His legacy will live on.

    If anyone has more of his old “progs” please post them.

  4. i never posted on this site before – started reading the vb examples .. years ago and visit from time to time after that.

    monk-e-god wrote sodomy for aol 2.5 i beleive? I remember having one of his .bas files for a 16bit version of VB. i wouldnt mind having a copy of sodomy for old memories.

  5. No shit!! I remember him as well. Do you know how he died?

    I think we can all say we wouldn’t be the programmers we are had it not been for AOL…both for good and for not so good.

    You know how some actors are forever typecast because of their first roles? It applies in certain circles in the development community…of this I can attest.

  6. @Kevin – I don’t know how he died, all I know is that it was a suicide.

    The typecasting analogy is pretty interesting, it’s a double edged sword I guess.

  7. This deeply hurts me, Monk-E-God, Tom, was a decent and frinedly person. I had a burst of nostalgia last night and discovered that he died. I was proggin for AOL back in 95-98 and monk was such a respected progger. I remember when he linked up (my old site) i was so happy, I used to refer to him on my posts on as well…

    I can’t believe how hurt I am by this.

  8. I remember when the monk-e-god .bas file came out it had all sorts of fader calls. glad to know i’m not the only programmer who started with faders and stuff. aol apps, before we had android apps and all of this madness, apps in the car even. we had aol apps.

  9. ya i miss the whole kraproom crew. paul or terry we need to fire it back up. i catch myself every once in awhile coming here or knk i even go to the way back machine and just reflect on how much was going on back then for me it’s been 12 years since i moved away and quit selling drugs and programming on the side. I miss everyone!

    (phyre/dale from and

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