Keyboard Layout Analzer 2.0

On Sunday I uploaded the new version of the Keyboard Layout Analyzer. It has a plethora of new features and charts, and a new layout design. My goal was to create something that was more useful and easier on the eye.

Several key features are currently missing from the app (saving/loading of layouts, heatmap stats, etc), and I hope to have those finished within the next week or two. I’ll do a second post, when version 2.1 is released, to chronicle those features. I decided to launch the new app before I had finished everything because I was worried my to-do list would get too large, and I’d simply just never finish before moving onto another project (I have quite a few unfinished projects). Work is also about to get a little hectic in two weeks, so I figured it was best to launch while I had some extra time on my hands. Below is a list of what’s new in the app.

  • Resigned layout.
  • Code rewritten from scratch (mostly because I just wanted to start fresh).
  • New configuration keyboard that allows you to set finger placement, finger start positions, and modifier characters for each key. Also supports drag and drop for ease of use.
  • Drop down for loading sample texts (hopefully more to come soon).
  • Bar charts comparing fingers are now available for distance and finger usage. For row usage, a row usage bar chart is presented.
  • Distance traveled is now broken down by finger.
  • Distance, finger usage, and row usage are displayed by a selectable unit type (percent, key strokes, etc).
  • Stats on consecutive finger and hand usage have been added in.
  • An adjustable number of layouts can be compared.
  • New algorithm for determining the best layout.

Many of the new features are user driven. I received around 8 emails, and they were all extremely helpful in guiding the direction the app took – so thank you to everyone who gave feedback (even if I didn’t implement every idea – yet at least). Hopefully in another week or two I’ll do another update chronicling the remaining features.

Lastly, I had a request to keep the original version intact and available, and have decided to make it available here. If you use IE8 or below, you’ll automatically be redirected there anyway.

4 thoughts on “Keyboard Layout Analzer 2.0”

  1. You did an amazing job!!!
    It’s very ergonomic and more precise.

    And it seems that you follow few ideas I given to you about bigram’s management. The possibility to see the rate of typing with same finger and same hand is essential. That’s perfect. Thanks again.

    Next step is the “rolls” with same hand? The pinky to index “flow”…

    Also think about “3D heat map” like I did here.
    It could be a great challenge for a so skilled developer like you!

    By the way,I’am glad to see that my layout for english text is mostly on the top of your computation results.

    Take a look of the “BvoFRak EN V0.5” aka “UG!”

    Thanks again for your great work!

  2. Thanks, many times over, for implementing my suggestions + including so much other goodness! The new Analyzer is great!

    1. NP, you’re welcome. I’ve actually been meaning to go back and finish up some additional updates, but I either end up side tracking myself or work starts to get a little nuts. However, I’m hoping to add some more to it before the end of the year. Glad you’ve found it useful :).

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