This is a page that contains some of the different mosaics that I have created with my mosaicer 2.0 program. I was going to have it so you could click on the images to see the large version, but I don't have that kind of web space, so I had to restrict things to just being able to see the image in small form. I used a database of around 1,400 cd covers to make these images, some of them came out pretty good, others were only ok. The small images are fit to the large image not only by what colors they contain, but by where those colors are in the picture. So an image with one side red and one side blue would be put in a place where one side was red and one side was blue.

Kurt Cobain
This is a mosaic I made of Kurt Cobain, who was the lead singer of the rock group Nirvana. Even though he's been dead for a couple of years now, I still listen to some of the music he and his group made. If you've never heard any of their stuff I'd recommend you check out "Nirvana Unplugged In New York." It has to be one of the best CDs ever. It's not how they normally sounded, but it's an amazing performance.

Anyway, I put image first because it's the favorite of all that I've made. I even have a copy of the image on the front of my binder (that I use at school). Although it's a different version made up of less images (so you'd be able to see each image).

Britney Spears
This is Britney Spears. I'm not really a fan of her music or anything. Her songs sort of irritate me. I just think she's very photogenic.

This is a mosiac of Eminem. I'm not really that big of a fan. I was into him when the Slim Shady LP came out, but my interest in him has faded since then.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
This one is of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

You probably can't see, but the background on this one came out really good. It's almost like the cd covers were made to curve with each other to make it.

The Rock
This is The Rock. Do you smell what the rock is cookin'? Yeah, that's right, a kick ass rock photomosaic. Err... that didn't make too much sense, oh well.

The Simpsons
This is a mosaic of The Simpsons. Probably the best show ever. This image took a few tries to get right. The eyes weren't showing up right. It's still not great, but it's good.

Darth Vader, the bad guy from the Starwars movies. I only really did a mosaic of him because I liked this picture.

A piece of art titled Scream (I think that's right). I don't know much about it, I just like the different colors it has in it.

Patrick Gillespie
This one's of me, ain't I sexy? (j/p). I don't really know what to say for this image, other than I like the way it came out. If you could see up close you could see how the images curve into each other.

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