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Specify The Finger You Use To Type Each Key

Below you can customize which fingers you use to type each key. Simply click on the key you want to change and it will be set to a different finger. A mapping of colors to fingers can be found to the left of the keyboard. This option is here because this test will tell you the speed at which your fingers type based on the speed you type the different keys.

Left Pinky
Left Ring
Left Middle
Left Index
Right Index
Right Middle
Right Ring
Right Pinky
And The Results Are...
You Type 0 Words Per Minute*
*Based on the common standard of using 5 keystrokes to indicate a single word

Hot Spot Visualization
The below visualization shows you how fast you typed each key relative to the other keys. The more red the key, the faster it was typed. The more blue the key, the slower it was typed. Keys that are completely white represent keys that were not typed and grey keys represent keys that were not factored into the calculations. To get stats on an individual key, simply move your mouse over it.

Key Pressed:
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Average Time it Took to Press:

Note: Your first key stroke (which you used to start the test) isn't factored into this chart.

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