The Chaos Ladder

A visualization of Game of Thrones character appearences

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What is this?

A visualization of character appearences on HBO's Game of Thrones TV series.

What determines if you show a character?

What rules do you use for determining if and when someone died?

Why did you make this?

I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan and thought this would be a fun project.

You're wrong about something!

If you think something is incorrect, first double check your idea by visiting the character's wikia page (right click a character in the visualization). Then if you still feel something is amiss, shoot me an email or tweet (@patorjk).

Special Thanks / Credits

I got the idea for the bubble chart from Matthew Daniels's Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop visualization. After noticing it was based on an example by Amelia Bellamy-Royds, I decided to see if I could create my own bubble chart (and this chart uses Amelia's example as part of its core).

Visualization tooltips utilize Caged's d3-tip library. Tooltip sliderbar trick comes courtesy of setfive.

For the app's core, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, and d3.js were utilized. It's seems kind of silly to list everything, but I figured if I was going to list the first few things, I might as well just list everything.

And lastly, data for the chart is based off of information from Wikia's Game of Thrones Wiki