New Web App: Typing Speed Test

I figured a good companion for my Keyboard Layout Analyzer would be a Typing Speed Test. Right now the program is pretty bare bones, however, it does have a few neat configurable options. You can test your typing speed skills against typing words drawn from a database of the 978 most common English words or against words drawn from a database of the 1000 most common “SAT words”. You can also vary the time settings. You can type for 60 seconds or until you’ve finished typing a certain number of words.

In the next week or two I hope to add output stats about which fingers and keys were typed the fastest. I think I also want some more creative text inputs that a user can select from. Maybe programming code, text from popular books, and song lyrics. How fast you can type a given programming language probably isn’t that useful, but it might add to the fun factor. If you have any suggestions or comments about the app please let me know. It was written pretty hastily in my spare time during the past week, so it’s still a little wet behind the ears. However, I did test it in IE 6.0, IE 7.0, FireFox 3.0.3 and Opera 9.24, so it should work fine.

DoFollow WordPress Plug-in

As a way of saying thank you to people who comment and as a way to encourage more people to comment (as long as they don’t spam), I’ve installed the DoFollow WordPress plug-in. Basically, it makes it so linkjuice is passed onto the websites of people who comment. I will nofollow links of people who I think are being spammy, but I figured I’d be a nice/easy way of saying thanks to the people who do decide to say something.

Happy Halloween

Lastly, since the 31st is approaching…

My pumpkin is on the far left, it’s supposed to be two bats. I should probably stick to programming… it was a lot of fun though. If you have a few extra hours, it’s worth revisiting. For me, it’d been almost a decade since I’d carved a pumpkin.

2 thoughts on “New Web App: Typing Speed Test”

  1. I played and played with this thing, and it constantly said I was not completing any correct words. Then I realized I had Caps Lock on, which I use at work. That was apparently the problem, it is case sensitive I guess. Fun to play with though.


  2. lol, well, at least you got it to work. I’ve showed it off to a couple of people in person and only one of them understood what to do and how to use it. The next version is going to have a different set up that is hopefully more intuitive. I did some googling and it looks like javascript can detect if caps lock is on, so I’ll add that into the next version too. Thanks for the tip.

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